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Snips 'n Snaps
Welcome to our photo album! It's nothing to write home about - but since we don't write home that often, it helps to have something tangible that anyone can check out when they want to know what's up with us. It saves on postage, too... Updated March 4th., 2002.

Best viewed at greater than 800 x 600, if you can manage it, and ideally with Netscape (true to form, IE screws up the layout, but I'm working on it...)

The Brooks' Album
This collection is carefully disorganised - I spent a lot of time making sure it doesn't make any sense, so no-one has to go looking for any structure to it :) 

Some images are included because they look good; others because they are crappy but we like 'em :)

As time goes by, we'll add to the collection, so be sure and drop by from time to time, to see if anything was added. 

All of the images will have captions, more to remind us of the origins of the photo than anything else!

Today's Competition
Who spent the 2001 Christmas holiday (and New Year for that matter) wandering around in shorts?
Just the two of us...
The two of us, 1995
(original copyright Glamor Shots)